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Welcome to Regional Arts Australia
We are a not-for-profit arts organisation, dedicated to unlocking cultural and creative ambition across the vast landscapes and communities of regional, rural, and remote Australia. For 80+ years, we've been a trusted national voice for the arts in regional Australia; creating opportunities, establishing powerful partnership networks and advocating for and delivering Government funding that brings to life diverse, creative initiatives from right across the country.

We believe the arts are an essential resource and life force that bears witness to our evolving cultural narrative whilst enriching the liveability, inclusivity and sustainability of our nation. Australia's regional arts bring diverse stories and cultural traditions to life, instigates important conversations and significantly contributes to local economies by creating jobs, attracting tourism, stimulating related industries and creating liveable, dynamic and resilient communities where people want to live and work.
The arts in regional and remote Australia is integral to Australia’s future.
The future is regional. The future is creative.®