About Regional Arts Australia

Regional Arts Australia (RAA) was founded in 1943 as the Arts Council of Australia. Today’s is organisation is a not for profit peak body that is the national voice for arts in regional Australia.


Through our work, arts in regional Australia is recognised as essential


  1. Raise the profile of arts in regional Australia
  2. Advocate that regional arts are considered in the development of national policy
  3. Increase resources for arts in regional Australia
  4. Demonstrate best practice in arts’ administration


In all that we do we will be collaborative, inclusive, accountable, open, equitable, and demonstrate integrity.

We champion the politics and poetics of regional, rural, and remote creative practice by engaging across multiple platforms, policy agendas, and cultural landscapes.


Our work is cross-disciplinary, inter-generational and inclusive and our national reach ensures we can facilitate significant outcomes through; partnerships, advocacy, practice, and research.

Regional Arts Australia About Graph

Our partnerships build connection and generate exchange through cross-industry stakeholder engagement. We

  • Work with Regional Arts Organisations, Peak bodies and our Regional National Advisory Group to continue to strengthen the arts sector at a national level;
  • Partner with philanthropic and corporate communities; and
  • Build cross-industry partnerships, in areas such as health, education, tourism and agriculture.

Our advocacy work leverages dialogue across the three tiers of Government and champions regional arts beyond the regional arts sector. RAA advocates for social inclusion, creativity and accessible cultural and artistic experiences nationally. RAA works to raise the profile of regional artists nationally and internationally and advocates for the development of cultural infrastructure that helps strengthen communities.

Our programming supports high quality arts’ practice and champion’s best practice. We do this through the Regional Arts Fund and programs such as Artlands (Australia’s biennial regional arts event), the Regional Assembly, a national fellowship initiative and professional development opportunities.

Our research connects the three tiers of partnerships, advocacy and practice. We are actively engaged in research that:

  • Evaluates the social impact of the creative arts in regional communities
  • Measures and articulates the impact and outcomes of the Regional Arts Fund;
  • Evidences a range of indicators that convey the health and self-care capacity of communities are improved through arts and cultural activities;
  • Provides a national framework and international connection