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2024 National Regional Arts Fellows

2024 Fellowship Winners

Regional Arts Australia is pleased to announce six recipients of the 2024 National Regional Arts Fellowship

Supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, the Fellowships will invest $100,000 in regional and remote artists to develop work, skills, networks and research. 

Recipients were selected through a competitive grant round process and were assessed by an independent panel. 

Australian Government Minister for the Arts, Tony Burke, congratulated the recipients. “Artists work everywhere in Australia, in our cities and towns, and throughout our regions and some of the most remote places on earth.  This funding gives regional artists a vital boost to kickstart or advance their career – allowing them the freedom to continue to create and interpret unique Australian stories. Congratulations to all successful recipients.”

Regional Arts Australia’s Executive Director, Ros Abercrombie, added her congratulations to the 2024 cohort. “Investing in creative practice and professional development not only enriches individual artists but also strengthens our cultural fabric. With the support of the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, these Fellowships empower regional and remote artists to cultivate their talents, build crucial networks, and conduct vital research. Here’s to nurturing sustainable artistic growth that resonates across communities and beyond.”



Six fellowships have been awarded in 2024 with a total funding pool of $100,000. At least fifty percent of the fellowships provided are targeted to cohorts that Regional Arts Australia has identified as being under-funded or under-represented in the Regional Arts Fund competitive grants program:

Creative & Professional Development$20,000Abdul-Rahman Abdullah
Wadjuk Nyungar Country
Mardella, WA
Project: Drawing from life
Creative and Professional Development$20,000Eliza Hull
Dja Dja Wurrung Country
Castlemaine, VIC
Project: International Mentorship and co-writing opportunity for Musical Artist/Disability Advocate Eliza Hull
Creative and Professional Development$20,000Juanella McKenzie
Barngarla Country
Port Augusta, SA
Project: Mother
Creative and Professional Development$20,000Katie West
Noongar Ballardong Country
York, WA
Project: The moment of separation
Creative and Professional Development$10,000Juanita McLauchlan
Wiradjuri Country
Wagga Wagga, NSW
Project: mulamula /soft or dhii /Tea and warmth. minyaarr/belong
Early Career Development$10,000Mira Chorik
Jinibara Country
Witta, QLD
Project: Participation in a performing arts internship program


The National Regional Arts Fellowship Program is a strategic project supported by the Regional Arts Fund and delivered by Regional Arts Australia. Fellowships provide guaranteed income for regional artists and arts workers to develop work, skills, networks, or research. 

Creative & Professional Development: $20,000

The Creative & Professional Development Fellowship provides $20,000 to regional artists and arts workers to support creative practice or professional development, with a focus on sustainability. In 2024, a total of four Creative & Professional Development Fellowships will be awarded.

Early Career Development: $10,000

The Early Career Development Fellowship provides $10,000 to regional artists and arts workers who are in the early stages of their practice or career and have had less access to funding opportunities. It supports the development of creative practice or professional development opportunities, with a focus on sustainability. In 2024, two Early Career Development Fellowships will be provided. 

Expressions of Interest for the next National Regional Arts Fellowship Program will open early 2025.