About the Regional Arts Fund

The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government program that supports and promotes participation in, and access to, Australia’s arts and culture in regional, rural and remote Australia.

The Regional Arts Fund is an ongoing program that provides approximately $3.6 million per year to support artists and communities in regional and remote areas.It is part of the Australian Government’s Arts and Cultural Development Program that supports participation in, and access to, Australia’s arts and culture through developing and supporting cultural expression.Regional Arts Australia contracts regional arts organisations (Regional Program Administrators) in each state and territory to deliver the program and award grants to artists, arts workers and organisations.


The objectives of the Regional Arts Fund are to support and promote participation in, and access to, Australia's arts and culture in regional and remote Australia, and through doing so:

  1. Encourage and support sustainable economic, social and cultural outcomes in regional communities;
  2. Develop partnerships and networks which leverage financial and/or in−kind support for regional arts projects and encourage ongoing collaboration;
  3. Develop audiences and broaden community engagement with the arts;
  4. Increase employment and professional development opportunities for, and raise the profile of, regional and remote artists; and
  5. Support quality and viability of artistic and cultural activity.

All RAF applications are assessed on the extent to which they meet these objectives.

Information for Applicants

There are two streams of the Regional Arts Fund that are open for applications, Project Grants and Quick Response Grants. As of 1st July 2021, there is one national set of Guidelines, produced by the Australian Government, that outline the eligibility criteria, assessment criteria and how to apply.

** The Guidelines were last updated in September 2021.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD The National RAF Project Grants and Quick Response Grants Guidelines

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Information about eligibility for the Regional Arts Fund

PROJECT GRANTS operate in rounds once or twice per year, depending on the applicant’s jurisdiction. Applicants can receive up to $30,000 and projects must fit within the timelines of the round. Please check the calendar below and contact your Regional Program Administrator for more information.

QUICK RESPONSE GRANTS are delivered each year from February to November, and are batched for assessment at the end of each month. Projects must commence between 2 and 12 weeks from the closing date of the round you are applying in.

Regional Program Administrators

Applicants can apply via their local Regional Program Administrator:

Regional Arts NSW

Darwin Community Arts / NT RAF

Flying Arts Alliance

Country Arts SA

RANT Arts Ltd

Regional Arts Victoria

Regional Arts WA

RAF Resources