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Awarded Grants


A searchable list of Regional Arts Fund grants is provided below.

You can filter by:

  • The calendar year in which a grant opportunity was awarded.
  • The name of the person/organisation receiving a grant.
  • The State/Territory in which the applicant resides.
  • The Federal Electorate in which the applicant resides.

Please contact us if you:

  • Need assistance using the list.
  • Notice an error in the data.
  • Have questions about the data.


The National Assessor Pool is a register of artists, arts workers and industry experts with the skills and knowledge to make a fair and informed assessment of applications to Regional Arts Australia programs, who have nominated their interest in being an Assessor.

Assessors work or are engaged within the arts and community sectors across a broad range of artforms, ages, locations, cultural backgrounds, and career stages. Regional Program Administrators may select assessors from the National Pool or utilise their own networks. The assessors for each funding year are published on the Regional Program Administrator websites.