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Case Studies Theatre Production Mentorship | RAF Case Study (2018)

Young Theatre worker, Margaux Terek, was mentored by Set Designer Olivia Zanchetta and Stage Manager Stephanie Bone during the rehearsal and production week periods of Gener8 Theatre's new regional work, In The Pines.

A Quick Response Grant recipient, via the Regional Arts Fund, as managed by Country Arts SA.

Margaux sought support from the Regional Arts Fund to undergo a mentorship during her gap year, to increase her skills in theatre production. Gener8 Theatre in Mount Gambier had the perfect opportunity. Margaux had been involved in the creative development of their production of ‘In the Pines’, during her work experience as a high school student, and was able to attend the three week period of rehearsal and production.

This was an excellent opportunity for Margaux to be mentored by two industry professionals in her home town. Stage Manager Stephanie Bone taught her stage management techniques and rehearsal room etiquette, and set designer Olivia Zanchetta shared the requirements of set designer and logistics of and Bump In/Bump Out.

The skills she learnt included setting up a rehearsal space using scaled design plans, green room management, completing quick costume changes, and marking up the rehearsal space. Margaux also gained the knowledge of how to set up for scene rehearsals, manage props tables, prepare for the following days of rehearsals and make props whilst sticking to a strict colour scheme. The creation of food props such as fake wine, shopping for props within a budget, maintaining of petty cash records, creating a prompt script with lighting and sound effect cues, tab curtains for safety, maintaining props lists, utilising comms, bump in set and costumes from a designer's perspective and pack up the set/props/costumes ready to store and tour were some of the other indispensable skills taught throughout the project. She was also trained on the use and maintenance of the VR headset/unit for audience use.

Being able to sit in on rehearsals meant that Margaux was able to broaden her knowledge of acting, as well as gaining insight into the roles of other arts careers such as the director and lighting designer..

“Personally, this mentorship has also allowed me to grow and work on my self-confidence, independence, resilience, and professionalism” – Margaux Terek.


  • Margaux received skills and insight into a range of professional theatre roles, leading to a broader understanding of theatre production in general.
  • Personal growth and development.
  • This project has also prompted Margaux to undergo further study, divergent from her original plans of solely studying acting. She is currently undertaking the second year of a Bachelor of Arts (Performing Arts) degree at the University of South Australia, which instead provides her with the opportunity to gain a deeper insight and experience within a broad range of professional careers in the performing arts such as screenwriting, stage management, acting and directing.

Applicant location: Allendale East, SA

Project Location: Mount Gambier, SA

Amount of RAF support: $845

Total project cost: $1326

Theatre production mentorship
Margaux Terek doing VR headset maintenance -Gener8 Theatre 2018