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Regional Art Stories Small. Slow. Humble. by Kelly Lee Hickey

Small. Slow. Humble.

What does post industrial arts practice look like...

an arts practice that ISN'T necessarily

focused on or validated by getting into exhibitions, selling work,

winning public accolades and so on.

To work within my means with generosity to share and delight.

Slowing down, accepting the space in-between.


I keep struggling with it, honestly!

It’s made me think about daily and constant practice.

Urgent needs small work, lots of it.

A daily drawing practice

Building your own home.

What are the small slow ways of tuning ourselves into the worlds we want to create?

I accept I have to work in multiple timescales.

We exist in poly-contexts. Being aware that you can

practice for and with all the contexts that overlap and envelop

applying a hierarchy to those contexts isn’t helpful.

Breathe, take stock…..

Going slow, can give you time to address the more urgent things in the present.

You see the collective response and it attains meaning.

I feel lifted having seen all your faces.

This found poem was created to document and share the collective learning from the Small. Slow. Humble workshop held on the 4th of May for the Artlands Conversation Series. The workshop was hosted by Kelly Lee Hickey, who curated this document from the collective chat feed during the session.

SOUL7954 2
Still from Testing Ground: a ritual of recovery, Kelly Lee Hickey, 2020 Photo by Kate La Greca.