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Case Studies Printmaking workshop in Florence | RAF Case Study (2017)

Printmaking workshop in Florence (with the Printmaking Sisters) #

A Quick Response Grant recipient, via the Regional Arts Fund, as managed by Regional Arts NSW.

Lizzie Horne attended 60 hours of guided practice in waterless lithography and non-toxic aluminium etching at the Il Bisonte print studio in Florence, representing her community as the inaugural winner of the Helen Dangar Memorial Art Bursary announced last year.

Ms. Horne had the opportunity to build on her existing skills base, and learn sustainable, environmentally-friendly printmaking techniques, which will be used to improve not only her own studio practice, but to share with the local community printmaking group as well as her students.

Ms. Horne was given the chance to immerse herself fully into art and printmaking for the whole duration of her stay in Florence, improving and updating her studio practises, as well as discovering and learning to use new tools. Ms. Horne. is one of the foundation members of the Black Gully Printmakers in NSW, who host a variety of exhibitions, public demonstrations of printmaking techniques, and teaching through this group.

Cultural & Economic Impacts:

  • New techniques learned to bring home and share with other members of the printmaking community via the Museum of Printing at NERAM, supporting regional artist development
  • Increased skill levels can contribute to an expanded range of the printmaking language vocabulary, and better work
  • Safer work practices gleaned and implemented, both for personal benefit and for students

Social Impacts:

  • Raised personal profile as a regional artist
  • Professional artistic development, leading to further opportunities such as demonstrations and speaking at the art bursary
  • Stronger recognition of the arts and how to support them in regional NSW


Lizzie Horne website
Lizzie Horne Facebook

Image: 3 waterless lithography plates for the multiplate image ‘I’m not here’, Printmaking workshop in Florence 2017. Photo by: Lizzie Horne