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Media Centre Australasian Drama Studies Special Edition Journal on Regional Theatre in Australia

Australasian Drama Studies (ADS) is the official journal published by the Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies. ADS is a fully peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles, interviews, and production casebooks on world theatre by Australasian and international scholars.

Last year our very own Ros Abercrombie joined forces with Joe Toohey (Regional Arts Victoria), Paul McPhail (Regional Arts WA), Anthony Peluso (Country Arts SA), and practitioners Jude Anderson (Punctum), Elena Carapetis, and Chloe Flockhart to contribute to this special edition on Regional Theatre in Australia. The published versions of their conversations are available below alongside the biographies of all contributors.

The full journal is available on the ADS website (available only to ADSA members and subscribers).

Cover Image
ADS Issue 77 - Special Edition on Regional Theatre in Australia