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Will York William York, Regional Scribe at Regional Arts Australia

William York / Regional Scribe

Northern Territory/Larrakia

Will York is a graduate of the Creative Writing program at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He has keen interest in prose, playwriting and performing pub poetry.

He is an experienced creative practitioner having produced theatre in both university and independent venues. Initially he wanted to become the ‘Adam Sandler of Theatre’ but overtime took the mature attitude of simply wanting people to enjoy themselves. He was accepted into ATYP’s 2022 Fresh Ink Playwriting Program under the mentorship of Sarah Reuben.

He currently lives in the tropical top end of the Northern Territory on Larrakia land. He is working as a communications professional. He uses his writing skills in the workplace to make a buck.

He is an AWARD School (creative advertising) graduate, has been a ghost writer for newspaper columns and has been published in airplane magazines as a freelance journo.

Now Will is collecting the sweat from his time in the Territory and using it as ink for his new work.