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Warren2 Warren Mason, Knowledge Circle Participant at Regional Arts Australia

Warren Mason / Knowledge Circle Participant

Warren Mason was born in Dirranbandi, south east Queensland in the year on 1969. Growing up in Goodooga, a small aboriginal community in north west New South Wales. He now lives in Tasmania with his wife and three children.

He is a proud indigenous man with lines to the Yorta Yorta and Yuwaalaraay tribes.

Warren is hoping to use a range of mediums in his art practice with all works linking back towards the idea of healing scars, while incorporating his love of art, music, story and knowledge sharing in this process.

Land and country have always influenced the journey Warren has taken with art.

The way land is constantly changing colours and shapes is one of the greatest influences on his practice. Along with spending time around his parents who have always been creative people.

Feeling disconnected from his country plays a big part of the healing that he is currently undergoing at this stage in life.

Forming connections both with land and people through his art and music is what Warren is currently achieving and what he is about.

Access to land is seen as a must for one to feel a sense of belonging and connection.

Warren feels blessed to be a self-taught artist as he believes it gives him the opportunity to reflect himself into the art and music he creates, showing who he is and where he comes from. And also allows him not to conform into the status quo giving the chance to experiment and create new and innovative art pieces.

Warren's music has given him another story telling tool that he uses to connect with peoples .

The sounds and stories he tells are of his life and times to this day he as taken his music to next level it is always fresh and new.