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Victor Victor Rostron, Artlands 2023 at Regional Arts Australia

Victor Rostron / Artlands 2023

Victor Rostron of the Barapa, Bunungku clans of Stone Country Arnhem Land is a Kune, Dalabon. Rembarrnga speaking artist, painter, ranger, environmentalist, creative director/producer and musician who passionately shares his culture and language through his prolific music, art and storytelling.

His family band, Wildfire Manwurrk are favourites at festivals across the Northern Territory and more recently interstate after the hugely successful release of Wildfire Manwurrk’s debut EP ‘The Next Future’.

Victor lives between Maningrida Community and his ancestral home, Korlorbidahdah, 8 hours drive from Darwin.

An incredibly talented, active and committed musician who plays regularly at community events and actively createsopportunities to collaborate with and inspire young aspiring musicians and community bands.

Victor Rostron makes generous cultural and artistic contributions to visiting music and arts projects in his community co-facilitating, producing, songwriting, creative direction and performance roles and is a motivating influence on the local music arts community. A role he takes very seriously.

Victor maintains a positive outlook in Maningrida leading by example forging ahead despite the seemingly endless obstacles faced by remote musicians with incredibly limited resources, funding or meaningful support.

Victor independently raised the funds to take his family to NSW to record and self release Wildfire Manwurrk’s debut album with great success. An almost unprecedented feat for a remote community band with no organisational support our structures to assist with the layered challenges of music/arts development, recording, travel and release.

The band EP, ’The Next Future’ launched 3 powerful tracks into the world including ‘Lonely Bangardi’, Don’t Smoke’ and ‘Mararradj’. The songs and accompanying cinematic music videos were hugely successful with national support and accolades including bring finalists and winning the 2023 Rock Song Of The Year category at the Northern Territory Music Awards.

The tracks gained immediate inclusion and rotation airplay with some of Australia’s premier Radio stations including Triple J, Double J and Triple J Unearthed plus many many stations across the nation. The videos were added to playlists and included as features on MTV and Rage.

Articles, artists and media went crazy for the bands unique raw and honest sound which provided a rare insightful glimpse into life in remote Stone Country Arnhem Land, one of the most inaccessible and intriguing parts of Australia.

Victor is a consistently innovative operator and a great example of what inexhaustible drive, tenacity and an understanding of 'double tools’ management can achieve. He is an incredibly important contemporary voice with much to say who deserves national recognition for his incredible contribution to the Arts in the Northern Territory.

“We have a story to tell and this is our voice, in our language, one of the oldest languages in this world. That language, it will help you connect to where you are standing. It will help us come together, where we learn from each other.” Victor Rostron.