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Teresa Yasserie / Artlands 2023

I am a mature Wiradjuri woman from the Dubbo area. In my younger years I lived with my family in the scrubs on the outskirts of Peak Hill. My artwork reflects on those blurred memories, memories of rusty sheets of tin shacks covered in red dust and when the rarity of rain drops came it would change colours to vibrant organs and red with gold tints and charcoal dust from the open fires. I work with ochre gathered here in my country and charcoal made from local trees. I have been in the arts for over twenty five years. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Graduate Dip Ed. I have taught in remote and isolated regions and became an Art and Culture teacher for TAFE for over fifteen years. I have exhibited in various local and regional galleries. I have been an artists with the Aboriginal Art Market in Carriageworks in Sydney since 2019.