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Form APR 52 Tabitha McMullan, Artlands 2023 at Regional Arts Australia

Tabitha McMullan / Artlands 2023

Tabitha McMullan is a passionate visionary for arts and culture. She immigrated to Australia from Canada in 2010, and with over seventeen years’ experience in the international creative sector, across not-for-profit, university and local government organisations, she strongly believes in Australia’s place as a cultural leader on the world stage. She has worked extensively across regional Western Australia as part of her roles with Artsource (2010 to 2015) and FORM Building a State of Creativity Inc, where she is currently CEO. Prior to FORM, she held leadership roles at the City of Perth. She is a member of the National Trust Public Art and Monuments Advisory Committee and has previously served as Chair of the national CCCLM Culture and the Arts Policy Advisory Group.