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Stella Griffiths Stella Griffiths, Regional Scribe at Regional Arts Australia

Stella Griffiths / Regional Scribe

Northern Territory/Larrakia Country

I never really know what to write when asked to write about myself. I think my writing ends up explaining more of myself than I can in a bio piece. I am an emerging writer born and raised and now raising on Larrakia land. Writing is my way of understanding and being understood. I like music a lot and am often singing songs with subconscious whim, so I think my writing style is informed by prose and lyricism. I am fairly cynical but look to the word with hope. I've studied gender studies in my undergraduate so gendered relations in the world is also something that almost subconsciously guides me (although it's quite a conscious critical lens that I look to the world from). 

I feel that there is so much that occurs in the lived world that I don't have to look far to find topics of interest and depth. This is why I have always been drawn to writing creative non-fiction/memoir/autofiction. I have also always been conflicted about writing things that aren't from my own experience, authority to speak etc.
These days I am reading more picture books than novels and am starting to love the skill of storytelling whether nonsensical or purposeful. I hope to blend all these nuances of self and thought into my writing of the future.