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Serena gunter cropped Serena Gunter, Knowledge Circle Participant at Regional Arts Australia

Serena Gunter / Knowledge Circle Participant

Serena was born in Port Augusta S.A in 1991.

Serena has family connection and identifies as a Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara woman from Ceduna. Her cultural family ties hale from Yalata/Oak Valley on her mother’s side. She is proud to be of the Broongu tribe. Culture and language has always been apart of her life right from the very beginning, as both her mother and father speak fluent pit/yank.

Serena currently resides in Ceduna but grew up around Yalata and Oakvalley when she was younger. Serena affiliates with Arts Ceduna and Anangu Arts (Ku-Arts), Tandanya in Adelaide.

Currently coordinating the Arts Centre Gallery, she likes to paint as a hobby with her daughter Ciarah.

Serena has experimented with pottery, watercolors, photography and acrylic. She mainly works with acrylic on canvas.

Serena enjoys mixing up colors, blending, using brush strokes and dot painting. Serena always enjoyed visual arts throughout her schooling and would often receive good marks.

She looked up to her mother Patricia Gunter and Ellenor Coleman both great artists in the Ceduna region.