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07 Selena de Carvalho 72 B Wheadshot by Amy Brown Selena de Carvalho, at Regional Arts Australia

Selena de Carvalho /

Selena de Carvalho (PhD) is an inter-disciplinary artist, designer, maker and risk taker of settler, refugee and migrant heritage based in lutruwrita/Tasmania- ‘Australia’. Selena purposefully connects creativity in a (post) activist context amplifying the ecological imagination through practicing relational ethos. Selena views her creative work as a cultural response – ability. Throughout this practice she seeks out materials and environments that have weathered various forms of frontline disturbance, with-nessing, witnessing and interpreting global warming and its local affects.

In various modes her work seeks to amplify the voices of marginalised more-than-human agents. This is the long term and current focus of Selena’s creative attention, and operates as a framework for deeper inquiry braiding numerous mediums including participatory installation, performance, workshops, sculpture, time based media, urban hacking, print media and text.

In 2016 Selena was the recipient of the prestigious Shenberg Art Fellowship as part of Hatched at PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art) for the work Ecological Huants (ii). Following this Selena has collaborated with scientists as well as independent researchers, alongside artists and activists. Selena brings an experimental sensitivity to her creative practice, which has been celebrated extensively. She has participated in numerous residencies and think tanks, notably in Banff with lead artists Ackroyd and Harvey as well as Fritz Haeg.

Most recently she completed her PhD titled Entangled Solidarity, alongside this she collaborated to build a mobile sauna in which participants move between the ocean and sauna to support their bodies in a contemporary ritual for well-being.

Instagram: @selenadecarvalho