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020 ARLF Creative MAY24 Ros Abercrombie, Executive Director at Regional Arts Australia

Ros Abercrombie / Executive Director

Ros has been working in the arts industry for over 20 years with experience across Creative Direction, Strategic Design and Arts management.

Ros is committed to the concepts of collaboration as vital to building arts and creative industries and believes in the need to be innovative, accessible and founded in a practice that is multidisciplinary and participatory. Ros works to provide engaging platforms for social inclusion, creativity and accessible cultural experiences.

A signature of her approach is to bring together emerging, established and community artists to stimulate dialogue and create new works in accessible public environments. Her cross-disciplinary approach blends practical and academic experience facilitating stakeholder engagement that stimulates a dialogue that supports and creates accessible arts and cultural environments. Ros considers art spaces as a cultural landscape to be more than their physical place and design programs for the spaces in-between crafting unique contemporary experiences

Working across the arts regionally, Ros is embedded in the national regional arts sector and has an understanding of state, national and international relations.