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RH Russell headshot Rebecca Russell, Artlands 2023 at Regional Arts Australia

Rebecca Russell / Artlands 2023

Rebecca Russell is an inter-disciplinary artist, collaborator and facilitator, based on Dja Dja Wurrung country in Clunes, Central Victoria.

Her work includes, directing and devising visual theatre, sound work with recorded conversations and soundscape, drawing, painting and animation. Rebecca’s practice is centered around deep listening, communication and astonishing artistic outcomes in collaboration with artists and a range of people including, scientists, academics and children. Rebecca works with Ken Evans as RUSSELL:EVANS.

RUSSELL:EVANS have been creating grand scale site specific visual theatre in Regional Victoria since 2010. They create unpredictable theatre in unpredictable locations. RUSSELL:EVANS productions include: DEMOLISH, Bendigo 2018; 600 degrees:100 years of shade, Clunes 2016; GRASSLANDS, Clunes 2014; STEAM! Lake Goldsmith 2012.

Rebecca’s current work is exploring first person narrative around trauma. Growing and strengthening human and natural ecologies is the lens through which Rebecca practices her art. Rebecca is fascinated by the responses our human bodies have to trauma and the survival techniques that connect us to each other. Her work aims to strengthen connections as a form of grassroots, subversive action that counters the power narrative of dividing and isolating as a form of control.