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Paris Mordecai Paris Mordecai, Regional Scribe at Regional Arts Australia

Paris Mordecai / Regional Scribe

New South Wales/Bundjalung Country

Paris Mordecai is a proud Widjabul Wyabul woman, First Nations arts worker, and theatre producer based on Bundjalung jugun in Cavanbah (Byron Bay). Paris comes from a longline of staunch storytellers, creatives, and educators. Paris is an emerging storyteller, in which community and country are an inextricable stimulus and stakeholder in her practice. Paris plays with poetry and prose, lately moving into writing for the stage.

Paris’ recent writings were included in ‘Blak Yarn’, a bringing together of Blakademics and First Nations writers and thinkers to explore the themes of Emu Sky, an exhibition curated by Barkandji woman Zena Cumpston.

Paris holds a Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies and Criminology from the University of Melbourne. During her studies, Paris was co-editor of Under Bunjil (now Gundui Bunjil), the First Nations student publication, as well as a contributor. Paris has also been a speaker and moderator for events hosted by the Indigenous Higher Education Conference (IHC), the Indigenous Knowledges Institute, University of Melbourne, as well as International Women’s Day events.

Now working on country in the arts, Paris is doing work that speaks to her and is in a space to grow her own creative practice. Outside of work and writing, Paris dances, weaves, reads, shoots film, and is a newbie on the pottery wheel.

Instagram: @p_aris