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Nicola Di Bona Nicola DiBona, Regional Scribe at Regional Arts Australia

Nicola DiBona / Regional Scribe

New South Wales/Birpair Country

Nicola DiBona is the Museum and Gallery Curator of the Slim Dusty Centre and is excited to pursue her lifelong passion for poetry and writing through the Regional Scribes Program. She recently completed a Bachelor of Ancient History with a Minor in Modern History, choosing to focus on local heritage.

A proud country girl, Nicola is grateful to have grown up in regional Australia, having lived in the Hastings region of NSW since birth. She is extremely passionate about agriculture, and is an active member of ASC of NSW Next Generation and the Wauchope CWA among other local, statewide, and national committees and groups. In addition to writing, she enjoys spending time with her fiancé, singing, reading, and being involved in her local community. Nicola’s writing is inspired by her lived experiences and perceptions of the world, and draws heavily on a variety of literary traditions ranging from expressionism to realism.

Instagram: @nikki_dibon