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Nasser Palangi Nasser Pelangi, Artlands 2023 at Regional Arts Australia

Nasser Pelangi / Artlands 2023

Iranian -Australian Artist -Lecturer
Born 1957 in Hamedan-Iran lives in Sydney-Australia

Nasser Pelangi, has for many years been a distinguished and influential artist and teacher of contemporary Iranian and Middle East art. Palangi was the founder and director of the Private College of Visual Arts at the University of Art "Sureh" and the Shahed Art College and the author of the educational books and videos "The Method of Creative Imagination " and "The Method of Artistic Anatomy", which are sources of visual art teaching in the art faculties in Iran. His recent position was the associate professor teaching Visual Art at Scientific College of Design (SCD) Muscat-Oman.

Palangi’s work, both in subject and form, reflects his travels over the past three decades. Since the 1980s, Paglani has traveled throughout Iran and the Middle East, photographing sites that represent important, social-historical and cultural events and exploring issues in contemporary Middle East history though photography, painting and collage. With a backpack, camera and paintbrushes, his travels have included the exploration of the history and heritage of Iran, Afghanistan, Emirate, Australia, and recently Oman. His works have been exhibited widely in different countries around the words since 2000 till now.

Palangi,s works are in several public and privet collections, including The British Museum in England, 2005, Tehran Contemporary Museum, in Iran, 1997 and recently Dafen Oil Color Museum in China, 2021 and 2023.

Palangi’s most recent projects in Iran entitled Persia Now, Afghanistan entitled War’s Left Behind and UAE’s Memory canvas, are a continuation of this larger conceptual body of works. Creating precisely composed and executed images, Palangi selects projects that have a conceptual meaning and importance beyond their visual interest or beauty.

His recent art project was: Digital Panoramic Mural Painting (2000 sqm), The memory of Iran -Iraq War 1980-1981- in Tehran Panoramic Museum.

Palangi has conceived the vision and coordinator of the 1st International Middle East Memory Art Festival and Upcycled Art Festival in Abu Dhabi-UAE in 2013 & 2014 the Artist Coordinated these two events.

Lecturer at a number of universities in Iran and Australia and recently in Oman since 2018.