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Maeve Sullivan Maeve Sullivan, Regional Scribe at Regional Arts Australia

Maeve Sullivan / Regional Scribe

New South Wales/Gandangara Country

I am an aspiring storyteller passionate about writing, art and advocacy. Currently at the beginning of my creative journey, I am uncovering how these passions intertwine. As a Gallery Assistant at Ngununggula Regional Art Gallery and member of the NGA Youth Council, I get to experience firsthand as to how communities are strengthened and empowered through the arts.

My name is Maeve Sullivan (She/Her), I am nineteen years old, I live and work upon Gundungurra lands. I write both creatively and critically, by creating pieces that reflect my truth and are an extension of myself. This year, I will be the first person in my immediate family to pursue tertiary education as I intend to begin an Arts/Law Degree at the University of Sydney.

My love of storytelling translates into my poetry, short stories and creation of @killdeersmagazine which aims to build a collaborative community that inspires and connects all young Australians. This print and online platform will provide a space for emerging creatives to share their stories, works and worldview. Growing up within Regional NSW, I understand the ways in which writers and artists can feel isolated. It is this disconnect I wish to overcome for not only myself but other young Australians.

Instagram: @maevesullivann @killdeersmagazine