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Katie head shot Katie Edmiston, Artlands 2023 at Regional Arts Australia

Katie Edmiston / Artlands 2023

Katie Edmiston is a leader in the engagement, capacity building, activation and revitalisation of local communities through arts and culture. Katie has extensive multi-disciplinary experience, knowledge and networks having worked within the arts and cultural sector, community organisations, state and local governments, peak bodies, universities, and creative businesses. In the past 10 years Katie has developed and delivered everything from disaster recovery initiatives, gigs on moving steam trains, performing arts residencies, community dance projects, industry conferences, development of cultural tourism products and a collaborative exhibition of First Nations artworks with 9 galleries across South East Queensland – and the list goes on.

Katie is known for her strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, innovative approaches to problem-solving, developing programs and initiatives that meet the needs of local communities and capacity to build strong partnerships and stakeholder relationships. Katie is a passionate advocate promoting access to arts and culture for all and is a respected member of the arts and cultural sector in Queensland and beyond.

Since 2021, Katie has led the Local Government Coordination Branch within State Library of Queensland, that facilitates strong partnerships with 76 local governments to enable the delivery of more than 320 public library and Indigenous Knowledge Centre services across the state. The branch is responsible for management of Public Library Funding; coordinating data collection, reporting and evaluation on the outcomes and impacts of government investment; professional development programs, resources, statewide programs and research that supports the continuous improvement of services; and advocacy initiatives that highlight and celebrate the role and value of public libraries within local communities.

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