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Knowledge circle cropped Jeannette Crew, Knowledge Circle Participant at Regional Arts Australia

Jeannette Crew / Knowledge Circle Participant

Jeanette Lydia Crew (ne Ross) currently of Deniliquin NSW. Jeanette's father was Wamba Wamba, my mother was Mutthi Mutthi and Wamba Wamba. Jeanette is currently Chair of the Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre Aboriginal Corporation and Chair of Werai Enterprises Aboriginal Corporation and the recipient of numerous awards.

“Over my life, with the experiences I’ve had, I have grown to understand and value the importance of connection to Country, of healthy environments and strong culture, including song, dance, ceremony, storytelling and other various forms of artistic expression, to my people. Along with a wide variety of roles with the NSW Public Service I was the inaugural Coordinator of Deniliquin Local Aboriginal Land Council (1984-1987) and most recently spent 12 years from 2000-2012 as the Aboriginal Natural Resource Officer for the Murray Region and later 3 years as a local Landcare Coordinator (2016-2018). I have provided cultural site and awareness training and worked to continue local traditional weaving practices, taught by 2 Aunties, also bark canoe making, (as taught to me by my father) in our community"