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06 Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal Headshot by Kate Holmes Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal, at Regional Arts Australia

Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal /

Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal is a Javanese Australian dancer, choreographer and creative collaborator. Born in Darkinjung country NSW her work has been made and shared nationally and internationally. She has ancestry of Australian Scottish Viking convict-settlers, kinship ties with Borobudur Temple 800AD and is a direct descendant of Yogyakarta’s first Sultan 1755, Kangjeng Hamengku Buwana.

Leaving Angourie to pursue professional studies in classical ballet, modern dance, yoga and improvisation in Sydney, Miami and New York city, and Indonesian dance in Java, propelled her into freelance work with Miami Dance Futures, Movement Research NYC, Australian Choreographic Centre, Mirramu Dance Company, Chunky Move, Victorian Opera, Critical Path, Indonesia Contemporary Art Network, Beyond Empathy, Outback Theatre for Young People, Marrugeku and The Bodycartography Project. Her ongoing work with NORPA (Northern Rivers Performing Arts) includes Education services and Making new theatre works including co-directing ‘Horses Mouth’, choreographing ‘Djurra’ and directing ‘Flow’.

She has a Master of Choreography High Distinction from VCA at Melbourne University. Her practice-led research about the Pleiades constellation produced ‘6/7 Empty’ and an exegesis ‘Life and art are one and the same in solo-performance making’. Curiosity about macro and micro implications of embodiment, cognition and communication in human anatomy, nature ecology, theatre, gallery and video spaces continue permeating co-creation of new interdisciplinary performance works made during international choreographic residencies, mentoring emerging artists, youth dance company and tertiary dance choreographic commissions and intercultural exchanges in remote regional communities.

‘Opal Vapour’ and ‘Enfold’ are award winning dance works created and performed in collaboration with Ria Soemardjo and have toured throughout Australia. ‘Smoke’ is her current work in development, a first nations collaboration with Kirk Page, reweaving the sacred and mundane intensities of spirit. Exploring resilience and adaptation in her Somatic Movement Education Program studies with the School of Body-Mind Centering she recently participated in the Northern Rivers Creative Recovery Training, an experiential workshop focusing on diversity in group culture, potential within groups and the role of agency within group facilitators and particularly working with groups in a disaster impact context.