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Grace Wilson Grace Wilson, Regional Scribe at Regional Arts Australia

Grace Wilson / Regional Scribe

Queensland/Yidinji Country

Grace Wilson is an 18 year old writer living on Yidinji land in Far North Queensland. After spending years of writing in exercise books at school, Grace found success in self publishing online with her anthologies of poems and short stories at the age of 13. Coming into high school, Grace continually followed this passion by continuing her online publishing and began taking university writing courses in her spare time. At 16, she received her first High Distinction for a creative writing course at Central Queensland University, which cemented her dreams and goals. Following this, she completed many more creative writing courses, became the captain of her schools writing club, and was the recipient of the Moreton Bay Regional Council Literacy Excellence Award.

Despite her success in the world of creative writing, she also found her niche in writing for stage after being named on the short list for the Queensland Theatre’s Young Playwrights’ Award in 2021. In 2022, Grace came back and won the same award, while also participating in many more stage writing programs with companies such as Matriark Theatre, JUTE Theatre Company and Australian Theatre for Young People. In 2022, Grace will speak at the Cairns Tropical Writer’s Festival and will see two of her works hit the mainstage in Brisbane and Cairns.

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