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Fiona Chrysantia Rionata Fiona Rionata, Regional Scribe at Regional Arts Australia

Fiona Rionata / Regional Scribe

Northern Territory/Larrakia Country

Fiona Chrysantia Rionata is a young creative and hopeful romantic who dreams of touching the hearts of many people across the world with her stories. One day she hopes to create many worlds that feel like a home away from home for her readers.

Currently based on Larrakia land in Palmerston, her heart often longs for her hometown across the sea. She came from the archipelago of Indonesia, in one of the Lesser Sunda Islands known as Bali.

Being of Chinese-Indonesian descent, Fiona grew up with a rich heritage that she only learned to value when it became little more than a distant memory. Paying homage to her history, she enjoys discovering legends from around the world - especially those from Asian cultures. Through this legacy passed down by her ancestors, Fiona scours for new perspectives and inspirations to welcome into her own written worlds. You can see her eyes light up at the mention of ancient lore, or find her digging the depths of the internet on the trail of an obscure fairytale. Although her comfort zone lies in the fantasy realm, she does more than build intricate worlds. After all, a world is reflective of its people. Introspective by nature, Fiona extends that curiosity of humanity to her characters – divulging the whys and wherefores of what makes them tick, and sculpting them with a depth that she hopes mirrors those of real people.

Since graduating high school in 2019, Fiona has wandered through various fields; from working with children to book-keeping, attending galas to networking with small business owners, she has kept her eyes on the ever-expanding horizon of opportunities. She won’t stop until she has amassed a wealth of experience behind her. Alas, she is only human and still struggles to overcome the fear of being known. She rarely dares to share her files beyond her private Google drive folder “scribbles”...

Hark! There is still hope. In 2022 Fiona had somehow managed to inspire her friend with one of her romantic pieces, the result of which was a collaboration featured in the Secret Arts Exhibition during the Darwin Fringe Festival. This is just the beginning, so be sure to follow along as she embarks on this journey with Regional Scribes!

Instagram: @fionacrionata