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PXL 20221002 234438135 3 1 Emiko Artemis, Artlands 2023 at Regional Arts Australia

Emiko Artemis / Artlands 2023

Emiko Artemis graduated with a PhD in 2012 and was awarded the University medal for their honors year. They were a Hatched Graduate exhibitor at PICA in their undergraduate year. They were awarded an overseas study scholarship and an APA scholarship for postgraduate study. Since graduating Emiko has been selected as a finalist for the Josehine Ulrick photography award, the Musslebrooke art prize and was a category winner in the Manning Valley art prize. Before relocating to South Australia, Emiko was president of IAVA in NSW and was showcased in Wollongong regional gallery’s Local Current show. In 2020 they were selected as a grantee to attend Meeting Place, Arts Access Australia’s annual arts gathering. She has received a Sydney Myer fund National Assistance Program for the Artsgrant and awarded a grant through Victor Harbor council’s arts and culture fund. In 2021 they were awarded a benevolence fund grant through NAVA and was artist in residence at Saubier House. Most recently Emiko was awarded first prize in the Waverly Woollahra Printmaking Digital Prize. Their work has appeared publications including CODE magazine and Open Doors Collective. They have been profiled by the Illawarra times and interviewed by Radio Adelaide and Regional Arts Australia about their practice. Alongside their Visual arts practice, Emiko has also run a number of successful community arts projects and has presented her work in seminars and online platforms as well as in traditional exhibition format. Most recently, Emiko was asked to create a temporary sculpture to be exhibited outside of the prestige Adeliade arts venue, The MOD (the Museum of Design) and has successfully completed an innovative sculpture ready for installation. Emiko has also been selected for a scholarship funded arts residence and exhibition at The Royal South Australian Arts Society in 2022/23, presented their talk” Queering the World “ at Better Together 2023 and has been awarded funding through Country Arts SA to attend an arts residency at Oatlands, Tasmania in 2023.