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Elise Thornthwaite Elise Thornthwaite, Regional Scribe at Regional Arts Australia

Elise Thornthwaite / Regional Scribe

Northern Territory/Maung Country

Elise is a Gamilaraay woman living and working on Maung Country. She is a primary school teacher, yoga teacher, and aspiring author/illustrator of children’s books.

Passionate about all things literature, Elise finds beauty in pieces of work that reflect raw emotions and the human condition. “I truly believe some things are easier to convey when they are written; songs, books, poetry.” Her favourite book is ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. “I admire this book for all that it is. The ability to cater to both an audience of children and adults alike through creative underlying messages of the human experience and life lessons. I hope, through this program, that I will gain literary skills like this to incorporate into my future writing.”

Instagram: @elise.jdt, @flowwithelise