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IMG 8572 low res Cindi Drennan, Artlands 2023 at Regional Arts Australia

Cindi Drennan / Artlands 2023

Cindi Drennan, a multimedia artist and creative director, has specialised in projection art for over 25 years, with a passion for community building at the heart of her practice. She pioneered techniques for pixel mapping, video art and painting with light in the 1990s, before establishing the company illuminart stories in light, in regional South Australia.

Through illuminart, Cindi works with regional communities to create large scale multimedia public art and storytelling, and by providing artistic and technical guidance to artists and organisations around the country. Successful projects such as the award-winning Quorn Silo Light Show, support the economy of small towns, employ regional artists and enlighten tourists about local heritage.

Cindi and the illuminart team have also designed the permanent projection systems for Quirindi Silo, Karoonda Silo, Wallaroo Silo, Leeton Watertower, and other sites all around Australia. Cindi recently won a discretionary award for outstanding contribution to regional art tourism in the Australian Street Art Awards.