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Charlee Watt Mikaela Frick Photography 174 Charlee Watt, Artlands 2023 at Regional Arts Australia

Charlee Watt / Artlands 2023

Charlee Watt is a young regional creative who is passionate about vocal performance. Charlee is driven to create artistic opportunities for herself and others in order to showcase youth talent. In 2021 Charlee was the recipient of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival Class of Cabaret Nathanial O’Brien scholarship, has been invited to the Art Gallery of SA Neo Teen event, created an event for the Umbrella Festival (21 & 22), participated in the Small Halls Festival (2022) and as been a part of the Catholic School Music Festival. Charlee also has significant Choir and performance experience while being a member of the National Choir School Summer Program, Gondwana in Sydney, for the 5 years 2018-2022. In 2022 Charlee created her world premier show ‘Both Sides Now’ that in its first season had a total of 6 shows and all sold out before the opening of the Fringe. In 2023 Charlee created another show titled 'Make Your Own Kind Of Music' with the music of Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Cass Elliot. Charlee has every intention to make the stage her workplace.