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Amanda Stevenson / Artlands 2023

Amanda Stevenson, known by her artistic alias Ms Snaps, is a visionary urban artist whose vibrant murals, graffiti styles, and typography fonts captivate audiences. Her passion for street art stems from a love for street photography and the great outdoors, which translates into her dynamic and colourful work.

Ms Snaps' unique style is influenced by her partner, a graffiti artist from London, who taught her to paint in 2016. Her art reflects her love for femininity and bold colours, making her work stand out in any urban environment. Her creativity knows no bounds, and she is constantly exploring new avenues to push her talent further.

Ms Snaps' unwavering commitment to her community and her country is evident in her career as a Community Development Officer. Her experience in youth and arts and culture portfolios has enabled her to develop advanced knowledge and skills in various areas that require the analysis of complex options.

As a dedicated Community Development Officer, her priority is collaboration. She has forged strong relationships with local youth workers and related creative organisations to make her vision a reality. Her skills in building collaborations and supporting organisations to meet the outcomes of the Community Plan, IDA, and Youth Action Plan have been valuable and seen outcomes such as the forming of the Geek Culture Collective (GCC) a new association of the Northern Territory supporting all things geek culture.

Ms Snaps' artistic accomplishments are equally impressive. She participated in a sponsored Ironlak paint jam in Townsville, where she was the only female artist among 30 male artists. She was accepted into the Darwin Street Art Festival and organised an international paint jam for International Women's Day, which brought together a group of professional female street artists. She formed an international crew of female street artists who participated in the paint jam at the Palmerston Youth Festival. Her work has been exhibited in the Melbourne Street Art Gallery B-Side Gallery during COVID in 2020.

Ms Snaps collaborates with Riece Ranson of Intrepid Designs NT, who runs specialised youth art programs for disengaged youth, providing them with a creative outlet to express themselves and the world around them. She is also an ambassador for the International Women's Day (IWD) Global Website, where she has supported them in kind by painting their hero piece and helping with the promotions of their creative mission for IWD. Her art can be found on Instagram under the handles @_ _ _ snaps and @iwcrew, and on Facebook under @intrepiddesigners.

Ms Snaps is a talented artist with a passion for her work and a strong commitment to her community. She continues to inspire others with her art, and her ambition to spread her creativity beyond her local community is a testament to her skill and passion. Her unique style and unwavering dedication to her craft and community make her a true innovator in the world of street art.