05 Abdul Halik Azeez Abdul Halik Azeez, at Regional Arts Australia

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Abdul Halik Azeez’s work examines technologies of power as mediated through contemporary culture, narratives of progress, lived experiences and new media processes. His multidisciplinary practice predominantly draws from post-war transformations impacting Sri Lanka such as gentrification, economic crises, tourism, and renewed ultranationalist politics. Collaboration plays a key role in Azeez’s work. In 2019, he co-founded The Packet, a collective of emerging artists from Sri Lanka which has worked extensively with publications and digital interventions including artist books, browser based art and site specific installations. Currently he is working on Desert Dreaming; looking at Muslim histories in Sri Lanka and the broader region vis a vis modernity and globalisation, for which he has received a production grant from the Sharjah Art Foundation. Through a grant by Pro Helvetia New Delhi, together with Jacqueline Poloni, he is co-organizing Wet Land; a three year project bringing together artists from Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Switzerland examining artistic research methods.

website: abdulhalikazeez.com

instagram: @colombedouin