Regional Arts Fund Resources

  • Partner Type Definitions
    These definitions are a guide to help applicants in the strategic partnerships section of their Regional Arts Fund application.

    Partner Type Definitions

  • RAD 2015 Fellowships Guidelines
    2015 Regional Arts Development Fellowships Program Guidelines and criteria

    RAD 2015 Fellowships Guidelines

  • Recommended Rates 2015
    These rates are payments or costs Regional Arts Australia recommend when undertaking a project.

    recommended rates

  • Regional Arts Fund Draft Budget Template
    This template is a useful resource for drafting a balanced budget prior to filling out your online SmartyGrants application. Please remember to speak with your local Regional Arts Officer prior to completing your online application.

    Budget Template

  • Regional Arts Fund Photographic Subject Release Form

    RAF Subject Release 2014

    Image details to accompany images submitted with your acquittal.

    Image Information Sheet 2014

  • Regional Arts Fund Support Material Cover Page
    Use this cover page when submitting Regional Arts Fund support material via post to your Regional Arts Organisation.

    RAF support material cover page

  • Statement by Supplier Form
    (reason for not quoting an ABN to an enterprise)

    Statement by Supplier Form

  • The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government programme that supports sustainable cultural development in regional and remote communities in Australia.
  • As a supporter member of the Indigenous Art Code we are committed to the principles of ethical trade in Indigenous visual art as set out in the Code.