News Labor Announces Additional Regional Arts Funding

“The arts drive how we find our place here, how we learn about each other and how the world understands us. A cultural policy allows the power of the arts to reach well beyond official arts bodies to the lives and experiences of every Australian… Culture is not created by government, but enabled by it. Culture is created by community” is how the policy begins.

The policy is wide-reaching and includes five core pillars: First Nations, Our Diversity, Artists, Institutions, and Communication and Innovation. RAA acknowledges this policy as a valuable start that underpins the much-needed conversations across the Australian arts and cultural landscape.

The policy includes an additional $1 million per year of regional arts funding to support ongoing artistic initiatives, invest in professional development opportunities, and increase employment for regional and remote artists. The funding will have a particular focus on artistic skills development among the First Nations’ communities, young people and people in very remote areas. In addition to the additional funding for regional arts, RAA also welcomes the commitment to restore funding to the Australia Council.

On the Regional Arts Funds increase, Regional Arts Australia Executive Director Ros Abercrombie said, “we commend Labor on their commitment to the regional arts. This additional funding would enable us to further support regional, remote and rural artists, organisations and audiences and further strengthen regional communities. This is an important step towards adequate funding of arts in regional, rural and remote communities and we look forward to continuing to work with government to ensure ongoing support and strategic partnerships.

The public response we received for our Vote 1 Regional Arts Campaign was overwhelming, and we thank everybody for their support for our campaign so far. It is remarkable to see the passion and commitment that exists for the arts in regional areas and we are thrilled to be able to further support and champion this. We encourage the Liberal Party to match or improve on Labor’s commitment.”

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