Resources Audience Outlook Monitor Regional Audiences Factsheet | September 2020

The Australia Council is working with Patternmakers and WolfBrown to understand changes in behaviours and sentiments of arts-goers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, to support decision-making and forward planning across the sector.

Beginning in May 2020, the study involves bi-monthly data collection to track how audiences feel about attending arts and culture events in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each phase involves a cross-sector collaborative survey process involving around 150 arts and culture organisations, including museums, galleries, performing arts organisations, and festivals.

The attached Regional Audiences Fact Sheet is based on phase three results, and provides insight into the 2,574 respondents living in outer regional and remote areas of Australia.

More results from the third phase of the study are available on the Australia Council Website.

All data is available in the Audience Outlook Monitor dashboard, with results from over 23,000 respondents in Phase 1, over 15,000 respondents in Phase 2 and over 12,000 respondents in Phase 3.

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