Sector Scan

At Regional Arts Australia we collect, evaluate and analyse data in order to understand our sector and to amplify the voice of Regional Arts. With the recent Australia Council four year funding announcement, our first analysis of the data focuses on the numbers of regionally based organisations that received four year funding support and those who will receive one-year transitional funding.

The index we use to ascertain whether a location is regional is the Modified Monash Model 2019 (MMM). The MMM is based on the ASGS, used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The MMM is also the mechanism used by the Regional Arts Fund to determine eligibility, based on the applicant's location.

For this initial analysis we have used the head office location of each organisation to ascertain the location. This does not necessarily reflect all the work that is done by arts organisations across regional Australia. The next level of analysis would look into the regional programs, projects and tours that are delivered into regions by organisations based in metropolitan areas.

Aus Co MMM Dashboard orgs by head office location
Australia Council - MMM Dashboard - Organisations by Head Office Location