History of the RAF

Regional Arts Australia played a vital role in the establishment of the Regional Arts Fund (RAF) in 1996 and, with its member organisations, has managed the fund since 2001 on behalf of the Australian Government.

The initial agreement commenced in 2001 with a grant of $10.1 million. In 2004 the funding pool was increased to $16.1 million and reduced to $11.8 million in 2008. In 2012, the total value of the Fund was $12.5 million over the four-year agreement. In July 2016 RAA signed a new Commonwealth Grant Agreement of $3,371,000 annually over the following four years. With the impacts of COVID in 2020, the agreement was expended for another year and a further $10 million Recovery Boost was implemented. Please see the About the RAF Recovery Boost page for information on the projects funded through the Recovery Boost.

In June 2021 a new Funding Agreement was signed, which secures the Regional Arts Fund at approximately $3,586,000 per year for six years.

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To find out more please download and read our 2019 publication, Impact 1458, on the Regional Arts Fund from 2012-2016