About the RAF Cultural Tourism Accelerator

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The Cultural Tourism Accelerator Program is a $5 million targeted measure announced by the Australian Government as part of the Regional Arts Tourism package, which will enable arts organisations to promote and develop cultural events for tourists across regional Australia. The program will increase tourism visitation in regional, rural and remote communities across Australia by providing financial support for arts and cultural activity. The program recognises that the cultural and creative industries play a critical role in contributing to the creativity, diversity and prosperity of Australia’s regional and rural economy.

The Cultural Tourism Accelerator Program aims to:

  • Support place-based programs to increase visitation
  • Build consumer confidence and activate engagement
  • Drive engagement across communities and between regions
  • Support sector-led responses.

What Grants are available?

Flash Marketing Campaign $2,500
A competitive quick response grant for upcoming projects to extend digital or grassroots marketing into a new visitor market.
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Targeted Marketing Campaign $10,000
A strategic and targeted marketing campaign to achieve a particular visitation outcome. The campaign will accompany an existing project, event, festival, venue or annual program.
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Experience Initiative $10,000
An initiative that adds an offer or experience to an existing program, to increase visitation or extend the visitor experience of ‘place’.
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Partnership Initiative $15,000
An initiative that develops a partnership with hospitality, accommodation, retail or events businesses to increase visitation and develop cross markets.
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Information for Applicants

Applicants will apply online via SmartyGrants through the Regional Program Administrator (RPA) in their state or territory.

Applicants can apply for one Campaign (either Targeted or Flash) and one Initiative (either Experience or Partnership).
Applicants can be successful for one Campaign and one Initiative application, but not for the same costs. Each application must be made on a separate form.

All projects must be complete and acquitted by 31 October 2022.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD The RAF Cultural Tourism Accelerator Program Guidelines 2021 (PDF)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD The RAF Cultural Tourism Accelerator Program Guidelines 2021 (DOC)

Regional Program Administrators

All enquiries and applications should be directed to your local Regional Program Administrator via their websites.

Regional Arts NSW

Darwin Community Arts / NT RAF

Flying Arts Alliance (Queensland)

Country Arts SA

RANT Arts Ltd (Tasmania)

Regional Arts Victoria

Regional Arts WA


Please check Regional Program Administrator’s website for open and close dates of rounds, and commencement dates for projects.

Targeted Marketing Campaign, Partnership Initiative and Experience Initiative

LocationApplications OpenApplications CloseProjects Start

Flash Marketing Campaign

LocationApplications OpenApplications CloseProjects Start

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as the RAF?

No. It is delivered through the RAF structures, but this is a new and unique program, aimed at increasing visitation to existing arts and cultural venue, events and program.

What is “visitation” in this context?

Physical attendance by someone whose postcode is different from that of the project location they are visiting.

Does it include digital attendance?

No, it only includes physical attendance at a venue, event or program location.

Can individuals apply?

Individuals are eligible to apply, but we suggest a stronger application would be made by partnering with an organisation or a business.

Who can apply?

Individuals, Australian Incorporated Associations and Local Government organisations that are located in MM2-MM7.

What is MM2 – MM7?

MM stands for Monash Model, It is an Australian Government regional classification system that is used by the Regional Arts Fund to determine eligibility.

To find out if your location is eligible:

  1. Go to https://www.health.gov.au/resources/apps-and-tools/health-workforce-locator/health-workforce-locator
  2. Click on Modified Monash Model 2019
  3. Enter your address in the “find address” button
  4. Click ‘search location’ and you MM classification will be shown