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Living on Larrikia Country (Gulumirrgin & Tiwi)
Currently Reading: Wild Policy by Tess Lea (2020)
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Instagram: @jenscheung

From bios ‘life’ and -graphia ‘writing’ to biography, Jens acknowledges the privilege to write about life in the sixth mass extinction. Jens (they/them) is currently residing in Gulumirrgin country and fabricates Anthropomeme as a hobby. Jens believes staying-with-the-trouble has more to its connotation. So they lurk in the edge of academic STEM-ified infrastructure, in the time of technocratic green-capitalism, using the IT tool that embed a pervert-like attitude of manipulating subatomic particles, to research quantum computing while waiting for the eco-porn ah-ha moment. Jens is also thinking of you, whoever read this and feel the need to reach out x