Conversations with the Assembly

Conversations with the Assembly is a podcast produced by Cristian Tablazon in conversation with the inaugural cohort of the Regional Assembly. Foregrounding personal and networked histories, their distinct voices, and the imbrications of their diverse practices with the nuances of identity, locality, and place, the relations of production, and the broader geopolitical life, each episode will amplify, challenge, and entwine the many threads of discourse and dialogue that unfold during the Regional Assembly.

Cristian Tablazon is an artist and curator who lives and works in Los Baños, Laguna in the Philippines, where he co-runs Nomina Nuda, a small nonprofit curatorial platform and exhibition space.

Lia Pa'apa'a

A big part of my practice has been about that reimagining and permission to be a cultural person who's not living on my lands and who doesn't have their language, the permission to be strong in who I am and what I do and to think of myself as a future ancestor. I tell these mums this is about allyship: that our children understand where they are and whose land it is, and that they walk with respect.
Image of Lia Pa'apa'a

Karen Mills

I really do like rocks and their shapes, and I think many of my marks relate to that sense of looking at layers of the earth beneath and remembering that the country is alive with those ancestors and stories in the landscape. There is definitely a spiritual attachment and thinking about the landscape as a living place where, at some point in time, I shall also become part of it.
Image of Karen Mills

Mohit Shelare

Dust in capitalist ignation is the obsession with the act of cleaning and marginalising. It's obligatory in archaeology to clean the dust to see the past. My conception of dust comes from the caste system and thinking about the politics of purity. It's important to think about the history of waste in relation to our social and political condition.
Image of Mohit Shelare

Zoe Scoglio

I feel like there's a lot of potential in the space of art... especially at this time, to be able to hold space for the messiness, the chaos, the undoing of familiar logics and patterns and wirings of the world and of our brain. The empowerment and the agency that art and creative practices can offer are really integral as well to understand each of our own creative potential.
Image of Zoe Scoglio

Elisa Jane Carmichael

I became really passionate about making work which was having a conversation about how our weaving techniques need to be recognized as the first forms of Australian textiles. It’s important to reflect on these techniques and then look at materials in the present day and think about how these techniques have informed the things that we live with, wear, and carry today....
Image of Elisa Jane Carmichael