An artist-led online studio program connecting cultural practitioners working in regional and remote geographies across the Asia-Pacific.

Driven by a sense of inter-personal generosity and creative rigour the Regional Assembly will nurture critical conversations, professional comradery and artistic growth with a cohort of artists, writers and makers from a wide diversity of fields, working at the crossroads of art, community and philosophical enquiry.

Regional Arts Australia’s guiding principle is that place is central to creative practice and provides profound practical and emotional links across the economies and synergies of culture. We are also invested in the relationships that exist between places. With this in mind, the inaugural cohort of the Regional Assembly features practitioners living and working in Aotearoa (New Zealand), India, Kashmir, the Philippines, and First People's unceded territories across Australia.

Over the course of the coming year this cohort will assemble via eight intensive online sessions. Special guests, invited due to their long standing commitment to cultural practices outside city centres, will visit the Assembly—sharing insights and provocations. The words of Tristen Harwood will form Notes on Assembling—responses, expansions and critiques of the program’s journey. And Conversations with the Assembly is a podcast produced by Cristian Tablazon that will delve into the cohort’s practices and lives through conversation. The Regional Assembly is coordinated by Alana Hunt.