RAF News: Announcing | New Regional Program Administrators for the Northern Territory & Queensland

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We are so excited to be sharing with you our new Regional Program Administrators – Darwin Community Arts in the Northern Territory, and Flying Arts Alliance in Queensland.

We are so excited to be sharing with you our new Regional Program Administrators – Darwin Community Arts in the Northern Territory, and Flying Arts Alliance in Queensland.

Firstly – a little reminder on what constitutes the Regional Arts Fund: An Australian Government program, the Regional Arts Fund (RAF) supports sustainable cultural development in regional, rural and remote communities in Australia. The program is managed by Regional Arts Australia on behalf of the Australian Government and delivered by Regional Program Administrators in each state and territory. This model recognises that regional arts funding needs vary across different states and territories and takes advantage of the specialist knowledge and insight state and territory regional arts organisations have about their regional arts environment.

Flying Arts Alliance is an arts and cultural development organisation which has been delivering visual arts projects and services to regional and remote Queensland for 45 years. Since 1971 the Association has played a significant role in inspiring artists and communities, as well as helping to overcome the impacts of regional isolation and remote living. Flying Arts Alliance will be taking over the running of the RAF from Arts Queensland, who temporarily managed the RAF after Artslink Queensland ceased operations in 2016.

Darwin Community Arts is a non-profit, incorporated association that focuses on community-based arts and cultural development. The RAF has been delivered by the Northern Territory government in recent years. However, to bring the NT in line with the rest of the country and have the fund managed independently from government, the appointment of a Regional Program Administrator became paramount. Darwin Community Arts (DCA) will operate the RAF under the name Northern Territory Regional Arts Fund (NT RAF).

Executive Director of Regional Arts Australia, John Oster, welcomed the announcement of the new Regional Program Administrators.

“We look forward to working together with Darwin Community Arts and Flying Arts Alliance to further nurture the arts sector in the Northern Territory and Queensland – and to present regional, remote and rural artists and arts organisations with the support they require when applying for the RAF. At the same time, it is important for us to acknowledge the longstanding contribution Arts NT has made to regional arts delivery in the Northern Territory, and Arts Queensland in Queensland . In the absence of a non-government agency to deliver the RAF in the NT over an extended period, Arts NT and Arts Queensland have provided consistent management, substantial in-kind support and valuable contributions to both RAA and the national regional arts network. We extend our sincere thanks to Arts NT and Arts Queensland”.

Flying Arts Alliance and Darwin Community Arts will commence as Regional Program Administrators immediately.


Image: Bong Ramilo, Leisa Govan & Andy Ewingwe at Darwin Community Arts.


Image: The team at Flying Arts Alliance, Queensland.