Our Advocacy

RAA seeks to ensure the arts in regional Australia are recognised as essential.

We work to address the need for the arts and creative industries to be critically positioned across multiple policy platforms and believe there needs to be far greater partnership between governments, industry, not-for-profits and commercial businesses.

There is a need for long-term planning to integrate and support artistic practice and creative industries in a regional framework. We are advocating to work more effectively across industry and policy sectors to build a stronger, diverse and sustainable arts sector. Enhanced government engagement and investment in the arts will increase the vibrancy, diversity and capacity to explore and reflect regional Australia, contribute to the social and economic benefits, improve social cohesion, build regional resilience and develop and strengthen regional futures.

We advocate for informed national regional arts policy that represents the diversity of practice and cultural landscape and represents best practice.

Public Hearings


Inquiry into the Australian Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic
June 2020; Ros Abercrombie appeared before the Senate Select Committee on Covid-19- Department of the Senate



Inquiry into Australia’s Creative and Cultural Industries and Institutions
October 2020; Submission to the Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts

Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements
June 2020; Submission to the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements


Budget Submission 20-21
December 2019; Pre-Budget Submission process for the 2020-21 – Australian Government – the Treasury

Inquiry into Regional Australia
November 2019; Submission to the Inquiry into Regional Australia - Select Committee on Regional Australia

Inquiry into Nationhood, National identity and Democracy
September 2019; Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee - Department of the Senate

Pre Budget Submission 2019-20
January 2019; Pre-Budget Submission 2019-20 – Australian Government – the Treasury


Closing the Gap Refresh Consultation
March 2018; Submission to the Closing the Gap Refresh Consultation

Recommendations for Playing Australia
March 2018; Submission to Australia Council for the Arts - Regional and Remote Touring Advisory Group


Select Committee on Regional Development and Decentralisation
September 2017; Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee - Department of the Senate