2022 Federal Election - Use your Vote

We have been working with our colleagues to create messaging that is cross art form, cross geographies and unifies the Arts and Creative industries messaging and election asks.

The concept is to provide messaging that can be used to support of a ‘whole of sector’ approach. A suite of messages that generate understanding of the values the arts, and a means to create a collective voice while amplifying unique and specific needs.

Art and culture are Everywhere. In regions, towns and cities, in remote communities, across landscapes and geographies. In townhalls, on streets, in parks, community centres, libraries, schools and hospitals. In galleries, museums, concert halls. On stages and on screen, in music and media, in print and online.

Art and culture are Essential in the creation of liveable regions and are central to thriving, healthy communities and sustainable social and economic growth.

Banner 3
Photo by Jack Robert-Tissot, supplied by The Unconformity. [Image description: People are standing on a wooden walkway that wraps around rocky terrain with low lying bushes. They are staring out into the distance and all wearing headphones. Overlaid are the words: “Art celebrates the histories, stories, and landscapes of our regions. Art and culture are everywhere.”]

Join RAA's and our sector colleagues in this messaging by sharing images and tagging socials.

Theatre Network Australia have been champions and have prepared pre-designed tiles / banners for anyone to use.

TNA Downloads

  • Banners & Posts
    Suitable for Facebook and LinkedIn profile banners
    Suitable for Instagram and Facebook posts

  • Templates
    Using your own image editing software to place these templates over your own images to create your own posts and banners. Includes options for both coloured and white text. Read the TNA tutorial on how to use these in Canva.

  • Design Files
    Create your own individual posts and banners. Must have access and be able to use Adobe InDesign 2022.


• Each of the posts/banners TNA has provided includes

⁃ A clear and simple message which includes either the word ESSENTIAL or EVERYWHERE.

⁃ A proof point (a statistic or piece of evidence that backs up the statement on the post/banner).

⁃ A specific ask (what we want people to do).

• You may want to create messages in your own words that your community identifies more strongly with, but we recommend you try and include some kind of proof point, and the same ask.

• We encourage you to use/add your own individual stories and evidence to support the message and ask.

Photo Credit

• If you’re using a post or banner created by TNA, please keep the photo credit - we do not own any of the photos used.

• If you’re using your own photos, please include a photo credit where appropriate.

Image Descriptions

• Visually impaired people will not be able to read the text on the image, so it is important to include a written description of the image as well as write out the text. We encourage you to do this for your own images if you are using our templates to create your own posts or banners.


• It is important to capitalise the first letter of every word in the hashtags so they are read out correctly by screen readers.

• You can add/create your own hashtags, but also ensure you use the ones above so that it is linked to the rest of the campaign.

#ArtAndCultureAreEverywhere #ArtAndCultureAreEssential #VoteForArt