Regional Arts Australia regularly produces reports both as a result of national consultations and other research and for governance purposes

The documents below are all downloadable as PDF files.  

  • RAA 2015 Audited Financial Statement
    Printed: 2015

    Audited Financial Statements 2015

  • RAA 2014 Audited Statements
    Printed: 2014
    The 2014 RAA Financial Audited Statements

    RAA Audit 2014

  • Providing a Voice for Arts and Artists in Regional and Remote Australia
    Printed: 2013
    This brochure was produced to coincide with the launch of Regional Arts Australia’s Program for 2013-16 at Australian Parliament House in Canberra March 21, 2013.

    Providing a Voice

  • RAA 2013 Audited Financial Statements
    Printed: 2013
    RAA's 2013 Audited Financial Statements

    2013 Audit

  • National Regional Arts Broadband Forum Report
    Written by Anne Dunn · Printed: 2011
    This publication was created to coincide with the nation's first National Arts Broadband Forum hosted by Regional Arts Australia at Parliament House, Canberra, delivered in partnership with Feral Arts.

    National Regional Arts Broadband Brochure

  • Creating a better life for Regional Australians
    Written by Anne Dunn · Printed: 2009
    This publication is a result of an extensive national consultation carried out during June and July 2009. Regional Arts Australia and its member organisations consulted widely and in total 85,000 people have been represented by this consultation.

    Creating a better life for regional Australians

  • 2006: National Directions
    Written by Anne Dunn · Printed: 2006
    This publication was printed as a result of the 2005 National consultation by Anne Dunn and Nora Vitins-Sykes in May 2005.

    National Directions

  • The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government programme that supports sustainable cultural development in regional and remote communities in Australia.
  • As a supporter member of the Indigenous Art Code we are committed to the principles of ethical trade in Indigenous visual art as set out in the Code.