About RAA

Regional Arts Australia is the key national body representing those working with and for the arts in regional and remote Australia.

It is the modern guise of the Arts Council of Australia, a long-standing collaborative forum of bodies involved in regional arts. The new name was adopted in 1998 in recognition of the organisation’s re-orientation as a pro-active member of the regional arts community. Along with the new name, came a renewed concentration on creating a national voice for those issues, concerns and opportunities that are of common interest to all who work in and for the arts in regional and remote Australia.

As an advocate, Regional Arts Australia has achieved significant results over the last fifteen years in winning better recognition and support for the enormous contribution that regional arts make to the cultural, economic and social wellbeing of the nation.

As a project initiator and manager, Regional Arts Australia has become an important partner in equipping regional artists, artsworkers and communities to meet the special needs and challenges that accompany arts practice, arts promotion and audience development in the regional, rural and remote sectors.

Regional Arts Australia’s key achievements include the successful staging of National Biennial Arts Conferences across Australia; delivering the Regional Arts Fund on behalf of the Commonwealth Government; and developing integrated strategies and support services that enhance access to regional touring of performing arts companies.

Interesting fact: Before the Arts Council of Australia, from 1943-66, Regional Arts Australia was named the Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts (CEMA).


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  • The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government programme that supports sustainable cultural development in regional and remote communities in Australia.
  • As a supporter member of the Indigenous Art Code we are committed to the principles of ethical trade in Indigenous visual art as set out in the Code.